Apartment Tutorial

How to Compost Indoors

Step by Step Bokashi Bin Guide

Why Bokashi Bins?

No rodents, no insects, no smell!


Not everyone has a yard or garden to do outdoor composting. Bokashi Bins use effective micro-organisms to ferment organic food wastes in a concealed container without oxygen. This is perfect for people in apartments or have no yard! Turn your food scraps into liquid gold!

Step 1

Less restrictions

Unlike traditional compost bins, cooked food as well as meat, fish, cheese, fruit, egg shells, and vegetable scraps are all good to go into the Bokashi Bin. Cut the kitchen scraps into smaller pieces to break down faster, push down with trowel. This extracts air and helps the composting process. Spray some micro-organisms into the mix and close the lid.

Step 2

Liquid Gold

Repeat Step 1 until Bin is full. turn on the tap at the base of the bin and drain what gardeners call “liquid gold”. This juice is filled with nutrients, as well as beneficial microbes. It makes an awesome liquid fertiliser for the garden and your indoor plants too. For house plants, dilute at a rate of a teaspoon to 5 litres of water.

Step 3

Remove Fermented Food Waste

When the Bokashi bin is full, leave it 2-3 weeks, then empty the contents into your compost bin, or a trench in the garden. Your fermented food waste has not fully broken down and would look pickled. You’ll need to bury the fermented wastes to break down further into amazing soil full of nutrients and micro-organisms ready to help your plants grow healthily. If you have no garden or yard, you can gift it to friends, family or neighbour!

Choose your compost bin!

Compare and choose the right compost bin for your space.