House Tutorial

How to Compost Outdoors

Step by Step Guide

Why compost?

Reduce organic waste, save money and environment.


1 in 5 grocery shopping is thrown out. Almost half of our home waste is food. If we put that into composting, we can reuse and create amazing soil for the environment to use instead of going to landfill!

Step 1

Choose location

Decide where to put the compost bin. Make sure it’s in a nice shaded area and well drained. Too much sun will dry it out. We are using a tumbling bin, which produces compost faster due to aeration, keeps out rats, and looks neater.

Step 2

Gather then mixing

Add organic compost and straw to the bin to get started. Make sure you have even 50% brown waste ( paper, cardboard and straw) and 50% green waste (coffee grounds, manure and kitchen scraps). Normally you would need to layer the different waste types, but in a tumbler bin you can just throw it all in and mix together.

Step 3

Turn the tumbler weekly

Turn the tumbler bin at least once a week. Do not put any meat products, dog or cat faeces, or diseased plant material in with the compost. Once it looks like soil and smells earthy, the compost is ready to use on your garden!

Choose your compost bin!

Compare and choose the right compost bin for your space.