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Maze 14L Bokashi Indoor Compost Bin - Twin Pack


Product Dimensions (cm): W:31 H:30 L:29
Material: 100% recycled plastic

– Best for apartments

– No adverse smells or fruit flies
– Kit comes with 2 x 14L Indoor composter buckets, 500ml liquid Bokashi and Compactor
– For cooked and uncooked food (including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables)
– Conveniently collected in your kitchen instead of constant trips outside

Groverdi 160L Roto Twin Compost Tumbler


Product Dimensions (cm): W:72.5 H:93.5 L:66

Package Dimensions (cm): W:58 H:21 L:57

Weight: 16kg

Material: BPA Free Plastic


– High off the ground for easy filling and emptying, keeps rodents out of reach

– 2 stage Dual chamber composting: 1 for maturing, 1 for filling for continuous composting

– Built in churners for faster composting

– Easy to turn barrel

– Strong and rigid frame powder coated frame


Maze 245L 2 Compartment Compost Tumbler


Product Dimensions (cm): W:105 H:113 L:71

Package Dimensions (cm): W:85.5 H:65 L:31

Weight: 23kg

Material: PP/ Metal


– Extra strong reinforced barrel and open front metal frame

– Built in ratchet lock to prevent backwards rotation of the barrel

– 2 x large sliding access doors

– Removable divider creating 2 separate compartments. Fill one, when that’s full add to the other. This lets the first mature

– Gear and crank system with handle to allow for easier rotation of barrel

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